Wednesday, July 23, 2014

'The Best' Set for Oricon Number 1

Girls' Generation's first Japanese Compilation Album 'The Best' is currently set to debut at number 1 on the Oricon Daily Albums Chart.

Reports show that the album has sold over 37,000 copies on it's first day on sale, enough for it to comfortably secure the number 1 spot on the Oricon Daily Chart.

This makes 'The Best' their 3rd album release in Japan to hit the number 1 spot in the Daily Chart after 'Girls Generation' and 'Love & Peace'.

Congratulations girls, now lets see if we can get the album to number 1 on the Weekly Chart!

Girls' Generation 'The Best' Out Now!

The girls first Japanese compilation album is out now!

'The Best' is now available to buy across Japan and on iTunes worldwide.

Make sure to pick up your copy and help the girls get another number 1 album in Japan!

Not sure which version to buy?  Well here at SMTown_SNSD, we've got all the details on what each version includes:

1. Version 1 - Standard CD.
The Regular CD comes with 16 tracks:
1. Genie
2. Gee
3. Run Devil Run
4. Mr Taxi
5. Bad Girl
6. Time Machine
7. Paparazzi
8. Oh
9. All My Love is For You
10. Flower Power
11. Beep Beep
12. Love & Girls
13. Galaxy Supernova
14. My Oh My
15. Mr Mr (Japanese Edit)
16. Indestructible

You can buy the regular version on iTunes or through YesAsia

2. Version 2 - First Press Limited Edition
This version comes with the 16 tracks from the regular CD along with a DVD including the following:
1. The Dance Versions of their hit singles Genie, Gee, Run Devil Run, Mr Taxi, Paparazzi, Oh, Flower Power, Love & Girls and Galaxy Supernova
2. Music Video Look Back of ALL of their Japanese music videos.
3.  Solo Interviews
4. Making of the Best documentary

This version is available to buy from YesAsia

3. Version 3 - The Complete Limited Edition
This version comes with the 16 tracks from the album but also adds Hoot and The Boys (Japan Edit) to the mix to bring it up to 18.  The 2nd CD is a 'Members Recommend' CD with each member picking their favourite non-single track.  Here is the tracklisting:
1. The Great Escape (from Girls' Generation) selected by HyoYeon
2. Blue Jeans (from Love & Peace) selected by Jessica
3. Flyers (from Love & Peace) selected by SeoHyun
4. Not Alone (from Girls & Peace) selected by SooYoung
5. Karma Butterfly (from Love & Peace) selected by Sunny
6. Stay Girls (from Girls & Peace) selected TaeYeon
7. Let it Rain (from Girls' Generation) selected by Tiffany
8. Born To Be a Lady (from Girls' Generation) selected by YoonA
9. Beautiful Stranger (from Girls' Generation) selected by YuRi

The Bluray contains the following:
1.  All of their Japanese music videos and the Dance Versions too.
2.  Music Videos for all their Korean singles including Mr Mr, I Got a Boy and Kissing You.
3. Everyday Love from Love&Peace at Yokohama Live
4. Mr Taxi Split Screen Version
5. Solo Interviews
6. Making of The Best
7. Girls Generation History 2010 - 2014

You can buy this amazing collection from eBay.

4. Version 4 - The F Version
This version is only available to buy in Family Mart stores in Japan from the beginning of August.  This is the tracklist:
1. Genie
2. Gee
3. Run Devil Run
4. Mr Taxi
5. Paparazzi
6. Oh!
7. Flower Power
8. Love & Girls
9. Galaxy Supernova
10. Chain Reaction

PHEW!  That's a lot of versions.   What version are you going to get?  Let us know in the comments!

Monday, July 21, 2014

[Picture] 140721 SNSD Jessica Weibo Update: 'Can you make a heart too?'

SNSD Jessica Weibo Picture Update: 'Can you make a heart too?' 

The caption of the photo: 
Can you make a heart too?[心] I want to seeeeeee[害羞]  

Source: sy_jessica on weibo

[Pictures] 140721 SNSD Sooyoung Instagram Updates

SNSD Sooyoung Instagram Pictures Updates 

The caption of the photo: 
Photo by 묭


The caption of the photo:
#少女時代 #THEBEST Source: syofgg on Instagram

[Pictures] 140721 SNSD Hyoyeon with Friends

SNSD Hyoyeon Pictures with Friends 

Source: shhhkim and kongkaroon on instagram

[Official Pictures] 140720 SNSD Sunny at MBC FM4U’s FM Date Radio

SNSD Sunny Official Pictures at MBC FM4U’s FM Date Radio 

[Picture] 140720 SNSD - JSTV '最强天团/Strongest Group' Previews

SNSD - JSTV '最强天团/Strongest Group' Previews Picture

Source: 最强天团 on weibo

[Pictures] 140720 SNSD Taeyeon for B-Ing Promotion

SNSD Taeyeon Pictures for B-Ing Promotion 

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