Friday, October 9, 2015

Taeyeon Album Review

One of the best things about the K-Pop industry is that it's common for members to break away from the main group from time to time to do their own thing. It's a great way to see the different sides of our favourite idols and understand more about who they are as an artist. And while it may be common, we have yet to see a member of Asia's biggest girl group Girls' Generation go it alone. Until now.

It's been a long time coming but here we are with a debut solo album from Taeyeon, the lead singer of Girls' Generation. Taeyeon released her debut album 'I' globally yesterday (Wednesday 7th October) and it's already smashing charts and records. But is it any good? The short answer is yes. I is a pretty solid debut EP from Taeyeon, it's diverse enough to set itself apart from the group's music but familiar enough that it won't alienate existing fans. Let's make it clear, this is a pop album just with a little twist.

This is evident with the title track and lead single 'I', a beautiful mid-tempo pop/rock track that takes influences from alt rock acts like 30 Seconds To Mars & U2, and puts it a pop spin on it. The electric guitar that forms the basis of the production works wonders in giving the track an unique edge to everything else currently on the K-Pop scene. Taeyeon co-wrote the song which really personalises the song and gives the song that little singer-songwriter twist. Taeyeon's voice sounds better than ever and really suits this live band sound.

Unfortunately 'I' is the only track on the album in this genre which is a pity. Instead, we have a mixture of genres here from R&B infused pop to full on pop. 'Gemini' is a really cool laid-back R&B track that hails back to early noughties R&B while 'Stress' is full of that brilliant pop energy that K-Pop is known for. Both great songs, it just would have been nice to have more than one track like 'I'.

'You Are' and 'Farewell' are the two ballads of the album and the weak points in the album. Both lovely songs but they don't bring much to the table. You always expect a ballad like this but one would have sufficed - Farewell is the better of the two so You Are should have been replaced with something more uptempo.

'I' is a solid debut from everyone's favourite leader Taeyeon. Taeyeon sounds brilliant, she absolutely has the best voice in the K-Pop voice and it's about time she got to show that off on her own. The title track is a work of art, a truly beautiful song that deserves all the success that it's been receiving around the world. The only way from here is up and if this is the starting point, then we're certainly in for a treat when it comes to future material.

'I - The 1st Mini Album' by Taeyeon is available to buy on iTunes now.

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YoonA Joins Instagram


YoonA has finally joined the rest of the members and signed up to the photo sharing website. YoonA joined the website last week, has followed all of her members and made several posts already.

Not surprisingly, YoonA has quickly gathered a lot of followers, currently 1.1 million users are following her. She has a way to go before she reaches the same followers as Taeyeon (5 million) and Tiffany (2.7 million) but we reckon she'll catch up with the other girls soon enough.

If you'd like to follow YoonA on Instagram, her username is Yoona__Lim.

We look forward to seeing more pictures from our girl soon.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Girls Generation 'Lion Heart' Album Review

It's been such a long time since Girls' Generation last released an album in South Korea that I began to think this day would never come. But it's finally here - Girls' Generation are back with 'Lion Heart', their first studio album since 2013's 'I Got A Boy' and their first as an eight piece.

It's clear from the offset that a lot of effort has been put into this album campaign considering that it's being promoted with not one, not two but THREE singles. We've already been treated to 'Party' which was released earlier this Summer to huge critical & commercial success and we now have the music videos for the title track Lion Heart and 'You Think'.

For fans of Girls' Generation more cute concepts then Lion Heart is right up your street. A retro inspired pop track, the girls showcase off their softer side with wonderful harmonies and cute styling. I was initially unsure about this song based on the teaser but I actually really enjoy this song. I like how the focus of the song is on the vocals and harmonisation which isn't all that common in K-Pop. It reminds me of tracks from their 'Oh!' and 'Twinkle' albums which isn't a bad thing.

'You Think' showcases a different side to the girls, showing off their sexier and harder hitting side of their sound. You Think is a high energy R&B/Pop track with soaring ad-libs and a killer rap. Packed to the brim with attitude and sex appeal, this is sure to appeal to fans of tracks such as 'The Boys' and 'Run Devil Run'. I initially heard this song in demo form before the girls recorded it so I'm having to adjust hearing this sung in Korean but it's a great song. I was hoping for something a bit more hard hitting, something that was less sass and more urban. 'Party' is probably my favourite of the singles, it's fun, unfiltered electro pop. I love the production of the song and the melody of the song is so catchy that it gets stuck in your head after one listen. The perfect Summer single. 'One Afternoon' continues the retro sound of Lion Heart but slows it way down, it's very mellow and laid-back - it's the sort of song I think you'd hear in an elevator. It's pleasant but forgettable.

'Show Girls' first appeared on the girls' Japanese album 'The Best' last year. I'm not usually a fan of them re-recording Japanese tracks in Korean as they tend to lose their magic when sung in Korean (Mr Taxi in Korean is a bit rubbish) but Show Girls survives the translation and actually sounds really good in Korean. I might actually prefer it in Korean. 'Fire Alarm' sees Girls' Generation in more familiar territory with a super catchy electro pop beat and catchy hooks. The verses are a little weak but the bridge and chorus really bring the energy to the song. 'Talk Talk' is one of the highlights on the album for me. A sultry R&B ballad, the girls sound phenomenal with this sort of sound, it's sophisticated and shows a more mature sound. I wish they did more songs like this, I do love R&B songs like this.

'Green Light' is probably the best of the upbeat songs, it has a great drum based melody and is an instant head bopper. They sound a little robotic during the chorus to the point where I don't even know who it is that's singing but this song is just so damn catchy. It's my most played track from the album so far. 'Paradise' feels like the sister track to Party, it's a simple yet effective electro pop song. It's nothing groundbreaking but it doesn't set out to be anything other than fun pop music. 'Check' is one of the best songs the girls have done in Korean in years. This is nineties inspired R&B pop packed with hooks and excellent vocals particularly from Hyoyeon. I'm glad they made this B-Side to Party so they could perform during their Party promotions, it deserves it's own music video.

I'm not sure why but 'Sign' sounds like a song you'd hear on a movie soundtrack. It's pleasant and fits well within the context of the album but it's a bit too middle of the road to stand out. There is no big vocal moment or a key change to elevate the song at any point. Closing track 'Bump It' is a weird one, it starts off like a typical GG ballad before breaking into a beat with lots of rapping. It's very nineties girl group much like Check but it sounds a little dated.

In comparison to their previous studio albums, this is a huge step up from the largely vanilla 'I Got A Boy' album but only 'Check' matches the highs of tracks such as 'Trick' and 'Mr Mr' from previous albums. What we have here and is a first for the girls, is an album that is coherent - there is no dud track, no track that should be skipped and each track brings something to the album. The track order is practically perfect with only 'One Afternoon' feeling out of place, it would be much more suited as the album closer. If I was to rate this album against their other Korean output, I'd place it ahead of I Got A Boy and probably on par with Mr Mr and The Boys for the time being but once again, nothing matches the quality of their Japanese output.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Girls Generation 'Party' Single Review

It feels like an eternity since Girls' Generation released new music in South Korea. We've had a sprinkling of new Japanese singles over the last 12 months but apart from the subunit album 'Holler', we've not had new music from Korea's finest girl group since February 2014. Since then, we've lost a member so any Korean comeback was of course going to be a huge deal - both for them and for the fans. And that moment has finally come and I'm glad to report that Girls' Generation are back and better than ever!

We've got a very full Summer of new Girls Generation music and the girls are starting us off with their Summery new single 'Party'. Like pretty much everything the girls have released, Party is a slice of electro pop perfection - catchy synths, a whistle hook and a chorus so catchy that it is impossible to not be singing it over and over in your head after one listen. Party has all the ingredients for the perfect Summer track (as does the amazing music video), it's an incredibly fun pop song. It's certainly nothing groundbreaking but who said it had to be? One issue I've had with Girls Generation in their past has been the distribution of vocals, past releases tended to be sung mainly by Taeyeon, Jessica, Seohyun and Tiffany with the rest getting the odd line here and there. Vocal distribution was much better with 'Catch Me If You Can' and I'm glad to see that this has continue with Party - it's about time members Hyoyeon, Yuri and Sooyoung got to show off their lovely voices.

Party is also accompanied by the b-side 'Check', a slice of sophisticated R&B Pop that's been lifted straight from the late nineties. I can't decide whether I enjoy this song more than Party, it's far too good to be relegated to b-side status. I love how much of a contrast it is to Party, Party is a bubbly, fun pop song and Check is a more sultry, sophisticated pop ditty you'd expect to hear from Little Mix.

If you had any doubts about Girls Generation as an eight piece, you have nothing to fear. The music is just as good, if not better as an eight piece. The girls have had a lot of input with this single album and upcoming studio album, handpicking the songs themselves. You can feel their energy through these new songs and that they are stronger than ever. Girls Generation are back and they are here to stay.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Get ready to 'Party' with new Girls Generation Single!

It's been a long wait but the girls are FINALLY back with a brand new single and album!

SM have released details of the girls long anticipated Korean comeback which will begin on July 7th with their brand new single 'Party'.

'Party' has been described as 'Summer Soshi' and is an upbeat summery dance track with the video recently shot on a beach in Taiwan. Party will be released physically next week and will include a b-side track called 'Check' as well as an instrumental of the single.

'Party' promotion will begin with a performance on Music Bank on July 10th with teasers coming over the next couple of days.

But that's not all. After that, the girls will then release 2 more singles 'Lion Heart' and 'You Think' which will be double title tracks for the girls new album. While a release date for the album and lead singles haven't been dated, these will come not long after the release of Party meaning we'll have a full summer of SNSD to enjoy!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

[Pictures] 150619 SNSD Yuri & Super Junior's HeeChul - O'live TV "MAPS"

SNSD Yuri & Super Junior's HeeChul - O'live TV "MAPS" Pictures

Source: olive_tv

[Pictures] 150619 SNSD Sooyoung - 'coupang' Premium Shopping "MIMICAWE"

SNSD Sooyoung - 'coupang' Premium Shopping "MIMICAWE" Pictures


[Pictures] 150619 Jessica for 'LI-NING' Promotion

Jessica Pictures for 'LI-NING' Promotion 

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