Thursday, May 10, 2012

[TRANS] 120510 Sooyoung UFO Replies

[TRANS] 120510 Sooyoung UFO 

[Fan: Syoung unnie! What are you doing?? kekeke choi actress is getting ready?? kekeke are you playing around?
[Sooyoung]: hehe i've been exercising and now i'm on my way to a shop... hehe

[Fan]: Syoung unnie, what should I do when I miss you?ㅜ Nowadays you don't even replies UFOsㅜ I  
          miss youㅜ

[Sooyoung]: I miss you too TT-TT

[Fan]: Sooyoung unnie! I gained a bit of weight so now I'm starving myselfㅜ is there no method to lose 
[Sooyoung]: You just need to exercise! hehe

[Fan]: Syoung unnie! I want to learn gags from you just once! Can't you teach it to me?! hehe
[Sooyoung]: I'm funny? I'm not that funny.. if you compare me to Hyoyeon kekeke

[Fan]: Syoung unnie! As days go by, you're getting more pretty?! keke Tell us your secret please! ke
[Sooyoung]: I know right... phew... sorry kekekeke

[Fan]: Syoung unnie! My name is ___ please remember it? hehe I was so happy when you said my
          name last time!
[Sooyoung]: Hello ___ ^^

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