Tuesday, October 23, 2012

“New Fashion Icon” SNSD’s Sooyoung Style


“New Fashion Icon” SNSD’s Sooyoung Style

Slender leg-beauty and small face, neat figure of the feature on the face… SNSD’s Sooyoung owns all of these things. Owning a model-body, Sooyoung has gained her self-image as she wears every perfect clothes.

+Leg-beautyterminator , Skinny Jean

Sooyoung, whose leg is beautiful-slender, usually wear the skinny jean which point out her strong points. She wears the trouser that grasps the eyes with its color and style. Instead of the trouser that has neither color nor style, Sooyoung uses the one on which the detail and point are covered.

+Short and shorter, feminine style skit

Sooyoung usually puts on the skit that is flavored with a plentiful design in order to hide her slim upper-body. What’s more, about the dress, she chooses the one with an elegant decoration which helps cover up her skinny body. In the accompany with this costume, Sooyoung wear the shortest pant because she want to show off her long and slim leg-beauty.

+Airport fashion needed items, masterpiece

During SNSD’s oversea performance, Sooyoung usually come up with the variety of Airport fashion. At this time, Sooyoung attracts the people's attention through her preparation of the fashion which is not shaggy or untidy. Sooyoung directs the chic and elegant style by wearing blackly. Whenever Sooyoung wears the luxurious black boot, it always matches to her black jacket and fir. Even she uses the casual clothing, she remains her own style which is full of elegance and masterpiece.

+Lovely fashion in the Drama

Recently, during the shooting of cable channel TVN Drama called “The 3rd Hospital”, Sooyoung is in the process of enthusiastic acting as a cute girl. In order to express well the lovely power of high school girl, she often used the sky-blue chiffon. Moreover, she directed the cute and sputting image by using the pastel tone. Sooyoung has changed to the 20s woman who is much lovely and adorable. In the drama, Sooyoung felt tidier because rather than using the high heels, she wear the comfortable loafers.

Source Article: Nate
Translated by: Kokking@TheSoneSource

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