Wednesday, October 3, 2012 Photocard Trading Page


Hi SONEs! Welcome to photocard trading page. Just submit a trade form on our disqus comment box below if you wish to trade your photocards.

*Photo credit to the owner


1. ONLY FOR GIRL' GENERATION PHOTOCARD. NO OTHER GROUPS TRADES. We will not even tell you, We will delete any posts containing other groups. There are already other pages for other KPOP groups trades.

2. PROVIDE A PHOTO [optional]. It makes the trading post look more reliable. It’ll be a lot easier for traders if you just attach a photo they can look at for reference.

3. DO NOT FORGET TO PUT YOUR CONTACT DETAILS. You can put your email, twitter username, facebook username, tumblr, kakaotalk ID, line ID, whatsapp, etc. or else no one will be able to contact you for your trades. and DO NOT LEAVE A LIVE LINK! See the correct example: email www[at]xxx[dot]com / xxxx[dot]tumblr[.]com. For twitter and facebook, just put your username.

4. HERE IS THE FORMAT OF YOUR COMMENTS/POSTS (Just copy and paste on the disqus comment box):

Member Photocard/Album: Member name (NAME OF MINI ALBUM/ALBUM)
Seeking: Member name (ALBUM)
Overseas shipping: yes/no/maybe (give a small reason)
Photo proof (optional): if you have a photo, please uplod it. (You can use our commenting system disqus to upload your photo)
Contact: PUT YOUR CONTACT INFO HERE. Remember, DO NOT LEAVE A LIVE LINK. Read the rules above.

If those rules aren’t followed, we might delete your form! Please follow the rules, this makes it easier for us and for those who are looking for trades!

We are just helping you to find a trade. We are not responsible on how you trade it.

When you have made a successful trade, kindly drop a message at smtownsnsdgg[@]gmail[.]com, so that we can cross out your trade. Thank you for the cooperation!

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