Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tiffany is a Winter Beauty for “High Cut” Magazine


Tiffany is a Winter Beauty for “High Cut” Magazine

Tiffany is getting ready for the upcoming winter through a charming photo shoot for style magazine, “High Cut.”

Tiffany posed for a recent “High Cut” pictorial with various winter items such as a floral print jumper and gold military pants. Such items are hard to pull off but Tiffany did a great job in making the items look stunning.

Eyes were especially drawn to Tiffany’s multi-charms, showing off boyish and feminine auras at the same time. Her big fur hat, along with her fur cape and fur vest perfected a lovely winter look. Tiffany gave experienced poses and confident facial expressions that really showed her exceptional professionalism and modelesque charms.

Tiffany’s winter pictorial for “High Cut” will be released on November 15 while unreleased cuts will be revealed on the online website.

You can found more photos here: Tiffany Photos on High Cut Magazine

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