Friday, December 28, 2012

Girls’ Generation 2013 Empire


Girls’ Generation 2013 Empire

‘2013 Girl Groups Map’ has sparked wild attention as a hot topic.

The post with title ‘2013 Girl Group Map’ was recently published to an online community notice board.
Through the map, the released post emphasizes the perception and awareness of the most popular girl groups, who have been working off in their promotion.

Firstly, SNSD is a girl group that processes the largest land on the map. The girls are alone titled as ‘Empire’. Especially, SNSD also owns the ‘TaeTiSeo Principality' as well; this make a prediction that on the upcoming 2013, SNSD will become the greatly strongest group.

Following SNSD, girl groups, including 2NE1, Sistar, Kara, and f(x), were indicated as ‘The Kingdom’ and expected to be more active next year.

Naver citizens who learned about this post left out with responses such as: “Who made such a clear foreseeing!”, “The map will be a hit if SNSD really become a strongest girl group.”, “Seem like we can see the recent perception of the girl group easily.”

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