Monday, December 17, 2012

Girls' Generation's LINE Account Instructions


SNSD's LINE account Instructions (from @coigou)

1. When the artist/brand is accepting messages from fans, the term 'ON AIR' will be shown on the artist’s Official Account.

2. When the artist is not accepting messages, the artist’s auto-replies will be sent to

fans. Artists cannot read messages that have been sent from fans during times when the artist is not accepting messages, as these messages will not be received by the artist.

3. When the artist/brand is accepting messages, the fans can only send the artist text,

emoji, and stickers. Fans cannot send photos, location information, voice messages or

videos to the artists.

4. Please note that artists cannot reply directly to individual fans.

5. Comments sent by individual fans cannot be viewed by other fans. They can only be

viewed by the artist/brand, people affiliated with the artist, and LINE administrators.

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