Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Actor Kwak Do Won wants Taeyeon to make her acting debut


During the screening for upcoming film ‘Wrath of Ethics‘ at the Lotte Cinema on the 30th, actor Kwak Do Won received attention by revealing his wish for Taeyeon to make her acting debut .

Kwak Do Won stated, “I am anticipating and hoping that I will be cast in more [melodrama] movies in the future. If there are people willing to cast me… I hope that Taeyeon starts acting. Please try acting,” calling out Taeyeon to make her acting debut in the near future.

The actor also opened up about his first kiss scene and shared, “I filmed the kiss scene all day long, and my female co-star was very beautiful. I was so nervous that I fasted and gargled [mouthwash] all day. But the actress ate four meals. Actresses are more confident I think. She originally said it was her first kiss scene, but later on she was the one to encourage me.”

‘Wrath of Ethics’ will premiere on February 21st.


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