Monday, January 7, 2013

Popular National Actresses expressing their extraordinary affection toward SNSD


Several popular national actresses have been expressing their extraordinary affection toward SNSD.

On 2nd January, Shin Se Kyeong left a status on her own twitter account saying, “What to do? The symptom is getting serious. What am I doing without sleeping? The world has immediately become a very beautiful place. Heol…now close the eyes and gotta sleep. The performance video was just like jumping up and down but Soshi…Can you hear sis heart beating?”

On the other hand, Park Hui Bun, on 1st January, showed her true impression by admitting, “Those girls are coming. ‘Romantic Fantasy’ I also have a night shoot at the set as well. Gonna see Soshi and smile happily” whereas Shin So Yeol surprisingly stated, “While suffering from an outside shoot in this cold night, I am receiving the healing by SNSD’s new music video. Ah~ beautiful like crazy. No description.”

It is normality that the girl group captures the male celebrities. However, through a various quality of music and contents, SNSD proved their worldwide popularity as obtaining the recognitions from all generations especially including the actress who is most likely to lay out less observation to girl idols.

Meanwhile, SNSD’s new title song ‘I Got a Boy’, which was recently released on 1st January, has been noticeably sweeping most K-pop charts.
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