Monday, January 7, 2013

SHINee's Support for Girls' Generation


SHINee's Support for Girls' Generation

The release of a shoot, proving Shinee's support for SNSD's comeback, has become a hot topic.

On 6th January, a status along with a picture, meaning "This was the memorial shoot of Shinee's JongHyun and Minho, who visited for 'I Got a Boy' first comeback stage at SBS Ingikayo," was uploaded to SM Entertainment official Facebook page.

In the unleashed photo, it left out the attitude in which Shinee's members JongHyun and Minho surprisingly logged into SNSD's waiting room while carrying a cake in the purpose of celebrating the girls' first comeback stage at Ingikayo.

Paying a visit to the girls, JongHyun and Minho were smiling brightly in the harmony with SNSD members. Consequently, the photo noticeably sparked the citizens' attention through the closeness of these two idol groups.

People who had learned about the photo reacted with some positive comments such as: "It's great to see Shinee and SNSD getting closer," "The girls would work harder after receiving Shinee's support," "Nice-looking Shinee and SNSD!~"

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