Sunday, January 27, 2013

SNSD’s Uproarious Laugh with an Exciting Encore


SNSD’s Uproarious Laugh with an Exciting Encore

SNSD’s members have brought out the encore performance with explosive laugh of excitement.

On KBS 2TV Music Bank, broadcasted on January 25, SNSD successfully achieved the current Triple Crown as their 4th full length album title song ‘I Got a Boy’ claimed first spot in three consecutive weeks on the chart.

Sending the thankful messages to the agency family, fans, and their own families, the girls made up a different encore performance by using the trophy and bouquet. All members were seen pinning the rose onto their hair and arousing smiles with triumphant. Especially, Tiffany apologized to fans by stating, “Really sorry that I could not do the headbanging.”

What is more, Hyoyeon’s immediately had Jessica on the back, which gave off a great laugh. The girls went through the ecstasy so much that they even addressed, “Ya!,” toward each other in the atmosphere of freedom.

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