Thursday, January 31, 2013

Taeyeon is voted at #1,'Which female star do you want in a petite size?'


Girls' Generation's Taeyeon is chosen as the #1 female star who people want to have in a petite size.

There was a poll on a Korean portal site, and the title was,"Female star who you want in a petite size to hold in your arm". Taeyeon was voted as #1 with 19.4% of the total votes. She has many nicknames like "Aegyo Queen" or "Kid leader" thanks to her cute character and appearance eventhough she's the oldest in the group.

Hyoyeon came out as #2 with 14% of total votes, she's the third shortest member in the group and she has a great sense of art which captured many attention. Third place is Goo Hye Sun with 13.9% of total votes. She is talented and beautiful at the same time.

Other stars included in the list are Park Bo Young, Girl's Generation Sunny, IU, Han Ji Min...

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