Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Compilation of SNSD′s Kiss Scenes Airs on ‘Strong Heart’


Compilation of SNSD′s Kiss Scenes Airs on ‘Strong Heart’

On February 12, video clips of SNSD members Yoona, Yuri, and Jessica’s kiss scenes were revealed on SBS Strong Heart.

First clip showed Yoona’s kiss scene with her partner as Jang Keun Suk from KBS Love Rain. Yoona said, “I felt so shy,” reminiscing the kiss scene. “But even though I felt super shy, I wasn’t too nervous because Keun Suk oppa and I have a comfortable relationship.”

Next was Yuri’s kiss scene in the SBS drama Fashion King.

While Yuri shared her struggle having difficulty crying for another scene as a first time actress, MC Shin Dong Yeop made the whole studio laugh by complimenting Yuri’s acting in her kiss scene with Lee Je Hoon as her partner.

Last but not least, Jessica’s kiss scene was revealed.

Her partner was none other than Strong Heart’s MC Lee Dong Wook for the KBS drama Wild Romance. MC Lee Dong Wook said “I told Jessica to ‘Just stay still and I’ll lead’ because Jessica hadn′t had experience.”

Jessica and Lee Dong Wook’s kiss scene brought about screams and laughter in the studio as everyone watched the intimate and nerve-racking kiss scene.

Source: enewsworld.mnet.com
Photo Credit: SBS

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