Saturday, February 2, 2013

Yoona’s Psychology state Analysis!


Yoona’s Psychology state Analysis!

SNSD Yoona’s psychology state analysis came out as ‘anxiety ’.

At Y-STAR cable ‘Curious Things’, K-pop stars’ psychologies were analyzed through their habitudes. As the professional psychologist pointed out Yoona’s nipping finger habit, he assayed, “The present situation is uncertain or it comes out into the view that the mentality is becoming intimidating.” Accordingly, MC Jangwon showed off his additional figure about Yoona’s heighting psychology by stating, “Since she has to manage to keep standing on the best position, it is mostly to be like that.” “Yoona is always the best,” he added a short encouragemet message to Yoona.

Meanwhile, ‘Curious Things’ is broadcasted every Sunday.

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