Monday, March 11, 2013

Yuri during Secondary School Years, “Pure& Refreshing Beauty”

Yuri SNSD Predebut

Yuri during Secondary School Years, “Pure& Refreshing Beauty”

The photos of SNSD member Yuri in her junior high school years have become another hot topic.

On an online community notice board, several photos of Yuri, taken during her middle school, were uploaded with the title ‘SNSD Yuri’s Legend..jpg’.

In the published photos, Yuri was striking various poses with her young-faced image as wearing school uniform. Her pleasantly plain bared face with no make-up showed off the innocent emotion whereas her cheerful character and refreshing beauty sparked a great attention from citizens.

The online users who learnt about the photos expressed their curiosity and responded with the comments such as “She was really pretty during the junior high school.”, “The past is the past… the present is more important...if I can date with her, kkk”…

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