Friday, May 31, 2013

Seohyun flaunt her sexiness for 'W' Magazine


Seohyun flaunt her sexiness for 'W' Magazine

Seohyun flaunt her sexiness for 'W' Magazine

Seohyun teamed up with Tommy Hilfiger Denim and fashion magazine 'W' to flaunt her sexiness for a photo shoot.

'W' is celebrating their 100th issue for the June edition, so they brought out 100 muses for 100 different brands. Seohyun was the muse for Tommy Hilfiger Denim, and she put on smoky makeup and short shorts to flaunt her beautiful legs. It's a kind of sexy look that we've rarely seen from maknae Seohyun, and it's definitely a look we'd like to see more of!

Sadly, only one photo was released to the media for teasing purposes, but the rest of her pictorial will be featured in the June issue, so don't miss it SONE!

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