Thursday, May 16, 2013

Soshi Oversea Trips, 'Different feeling, same enjoyment'

Soshi Oversea Trips, 'Different feeling, same enjoyment'

Soshi Oversea Trips, 'Different feeling, same enjoyment'

SNSD's oversea trips have noticeably gathered a huge attention from citizens.

A photo with the title 'SNSD oversea trips' was, in a recent time, published on an online community. The established post displays the girls' trip enjoyment at various countries. In the photo, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Sunny, and Jessica were taking pleasure throughout their holiday.

Tiffany showed off her innocent beauty as setting out on a trip along with her friend. Also, Hyoyeon, wearing the swimsuit, was experiencing her leisure time. Especially, Hyoyeon even took a picture with Sunny, which captures everyone's attention. On the other hand, Jessica took a gorgeous selca in the Europe background with her bright expression, .

Citizens who learned about the photos left out with some responses such as: “Look like SNSD really enjoyed their oversea traveling.", "It's really good to see the girls' innocent attitudes!","Seeing these photos, I crave for an oversea holiday now.".

Meanwhile, SNSD '2013 Girls’ Generation World Tour 'Girls & Peace' will be opened on upcoming June, touring from Seoul to Asia and expectedly around the world.

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