Wednesday, June 12, 2013

[TRANS+Picture] 130612 [From. SEOHYUN] 서친소!!

[TRANS+Picture] 130612 [From. SEOHYUN] 서친소!!

[TRANS+Picture] 130612 [From. SEOHYUN] 서친소!!

서(현이의) 친(구들을) 소(개합니다)!!
바쁜데도 불구하고 콘서트 보러 와준
의리의 91라인 친구들(니콜이, 기범이, 호원이, 성열이)과
귀여운 동생 성종이~!
사진엔 없지만 민영이, 민호!
그리고 주현이가 가장 좋아하는 옥주현 언니까지!!
모두 정말 고마워요~^^
저는 참 인복이 많은 행복한 사람인 것 같아요~!ㅎ
다시 한 번 응원 와 준 모든 분들 고마워~사랑해~행복만 줄게요♥

Introducing Seohyun’s friends!! (‘SeoChinSo’ takes the first characters of the phrase in Korean)
My loyal ‘91 line friends
who came to see the concert despite being busy (Nicole, Kibum [Key], Howon (Hoya), Sungyeol) and
cute younger brother Sungjong~!
And, they aren’t in the photo, but Minyoung, Minho!
And even Ock Juhyun unnie, who Seohyun likes the most!!
Seriously, thank you all~^^
I think I’m a happy person who has lots of good luck when it comes to friends~!ㅎ
Once again, thank you to everyone who came and supported us~ I love you~ I’ll only give you happiness♥

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Source: Girls' Generation Official Website
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