Sunday, June 16, 2013

Yoona’s Appearance in ‘1Night 2Days’, ‘Impacts of Real Beauty’

Yoona’s Appearance in ‘1Night 2Days’, ‘Impacts of Real Beauty’

Yoona’s Appearance in ‘1Night 2Days’, ‘Impacts of Real Beauty’

Girls' Generation's Yoona made a surprised appearance for KBS’s 1Night 2Days as a substitution of Seong Si Kyeong, a singer and cast member of the KBS program.

On that episode, broadcasted on the 2nd June, comedian Lee Sugeun highly praised Yoona by stating, “You own the appearance that cannot be absorbed easily with the eyes in this morning.” What is more, actor Yu Hae Jin expressed his extreme pleasure and even danced to some part of SNSD’s hit song ‘Hoot’ choreography.

In the same team with Yoona, actor Joo Won and Cha Tae Hyeon also showed their admiration regarding Yoona’s actual beauty. Joo won said, “When Yoona first came up, it was really like the cosmetic CF.” Cha Tae Hyeon confessed, “If it was Girls' Generation, it was all about Jessica, but I am into Yoona from now on.”

Having learned about Yoona’s appearance on ‘1Night 2Days’, citizens responded through the comments such as “Yoona’s real beauty in ‘1Night 2Days’ is no joke. She desired the complement from the members”, “‘1Night 2Days’ members would have been absolutely amazed with Yoona’s actual beauty. I want to see as well.”…

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