Monday, July 15, 2013

Taeyeon Showing Her Excellent Skills in Drawing

SNSD's Taeyeon Showing Her Excellent Skills in Drawing

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SNSD's Leader, Kim Taeyeon posted the hand-drawn picture on her instagram on July 10 with the hash tag #PainterTaeng.

The photo above is in Taeyeon’s sketchbook. The drawing of the colorful trees can also be found on her sketchbook. The thing that caught the attention of the netizens is Taeyeon’s personality and emotion on the picture.

Netizens commented upon seeing the picture, “Taeyeon’s drawing skills more than expected”, “Taeyeon draws really good “, “Taeyeon’s drawing skills are attractive”. (Photos from Taeyeon’s Instagram)

Source: Hankyung wStar News
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