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[TRANS and Pictures] 130716 [From. SOOYOUNG] 공깃돌민영입니당~ㅠㅅㅠ

[TRANS and Pictures] 130716 [From. SOOYOUNG] 공깃돌민영입니당~ㅠㅅㅠ

*Gonggi: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gonggi

Today is the day to say goodbye to Gonggitdol Minyoungㅠㅅㅠ
Even though I'm sad, for this short period of time,
because it seems like I've received an abundance of love from everyone..
I've been a very very happy Minyoung^ㅡ^

The atmosphere over here is also really joyous. The kind/friendly sunbaenims and colleagues..
and also with the staff members, we're always very harmonious~ hehe
Just by looking at the script, I couldn't really visualise the appearances/personas of the client and the target.
The people who made these characters come alive in Cyrano,
the cameo actors.. they were always shining brightly in every episode right?^^ (Basically saying they are all stars)
Thanks to that, Minyoungie could meet new sunbae actors every episode and when they came,
I could experience or learn new things hehe. It feels like I've listened to a long class hehe
The support that all the fans have sent too,
even during overnight filming sessions.. I could always have strength and end it well, thank you♥

Now, for the sake of meeting a new character sometime!!
I'm burying both Minyoung (Soo's character in Cyrano) and Euijin (Soo's character in 3rd Hospital) deep in the depths of my heart~ hehe
I will leave the regrets behind and look forward to the upcoming Taiwan concert to my heart's content!! That's fine too right?^0^
The love that you sent. The support, in the future I will become a Sooyoung that can reciprocate even more^^~♥ hehe

Because it's regretful [that it has ended]~~ Photos taken while shooting!! I'm revealing them+_+

University student Minyoungie selca~! Hehe

Beloved Cyrano headquarters.. set^^

Together with Taeyeonie who calls me Kom Minyeong~~ (Sweet pretty girl) and Ppani who calls me Gom Inhyung~~ (Teddy bear)..
And also Seohyunie who always says Gonggitdol~ then impersonates Seobyung (male lead's nickname?) when she sees me~!!
They were the first members to visit the Cyrano headquarters hehe♥

Visiting members who received the hottest response at the location, Hyoyeon Yuri♥ hehe
Our director is a Hyoyeon fan, assistant director is a Yuri fan~!

HyoYul who found Master's restaurant very fascinating hehe cuties..

Because I said "Noona's face will come out big", he stuck his head forward, manner boy Ray..

Minyoung's best friend, Cyrano member Ahrangie!!!
Cute and friendly Yoonwoo, fighting^^

Final shooting day, SeoGong couple~!!
The character Seobyung was only possible because it was Lee Jonghyuk sunbaenim
For me too, because my counterpart was sunbaenim, I was able to understand Minyoungie ..
Lee Jonghyuk sunbaenim jjang♥

Manly/masculine and cool till the end, Master!
2-man collection squad's Youngdal, Mingyo orabeoni (more respectful way of saying oppa)^^!! 

All-round engineer with chic charms, Moojin!
Girl who received both of Ray's and Ahrang's love,
enviable Sekyungie, Yoonseo^^!!

Together with the fresh Yeonjoo unnie who played Hyeri^^♥

Lastly, for the viewers who showed so much love and for SONE~~!!
The love that Minyoungie expressed and can only be conveyed through sincerity.^^ ♥
Everyone, I hope you definitely try looking for it too^^!!
(Basically saying she's showing her love through her acting, so watch it.)

Thank you!

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Source: Girls' Generation Official Website
Translation by kymmie

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