Wednesday, July 17, 2013

[TRANS and Picture] 130717 Tiffany for DK inc.

[TRANS and Picture] 130717 Tiffany for DK inc.

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DK inc.
[Ai pretty - Girls' Generation Tiffany]

Tiffany, the girl who is in charge of eye smiles in Girls' Generation. As the days go by, she gets even more beautiful and it seems like she's shining even more in this selca. The fashion item that adds an edge to Tiffany's eye smile is none other than!! Kio Yamato sunglass KS-023. The sharp frame is just right for Tiffany's oval face and became the finishing touches to her charms.

Anyone wants to shine brightly like Tiffany this summer? Kio Yamato sunglass!
Tiffany Sunglass :: Kio Yamato :: KS-023

Source: DK inc. Official Facebook
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