Saturday, July 20, 2013

Yuri sheds tears on Mnet "Dancing 9"

Yuri shed some tears on Mnet "Dancing 9"

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SNSD's Yuri’s tears became a topic when it was noticed on the Mnet ‘Dancing 9’.

Latest ‘Dancing 9’ teaser shows SNSD's Yuri stares for a while then sighs then exhales deeply and her lips are tightly close. She can’t withstand and shed tears eventually.

‘Dancing 9’ press call dance program day one concentrates on the interests, background, and expectations which caused Yuri to shed some tears.

CJ E&M Chief Producer Kim Yong Bum said “Why SNSD's Yuri shed some tears on the broadcast over the public”. Also, “Notice on the picture how ‘Dancing 9’ would like to tell its viewers the stories and dreams that is brought by the dance reality program to our family, neighbors, and friends.”

Before ‘Dancing 9’ are the dream of the dancers, now it will be greater since it tell how will the story of the participants go on especially it made an impact on Yuri.

The ‘Super Star K’ from Chief Producer Kim Yong Bum’s ‘Dancing 9’ attracted attentions and expectations with the participation of Shinhwa’s Minwoo as dancing master also with SNSD's Yuri and Hyoyeon competing for the spot. The broadcast will be on July 20 23:00 KST.

Photo credit: CJ E&M
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