Sunday, August 25, 2013

Seohyun to cast for upcoming SBS weekend drama, 'Passionate Love'

Seohyun to cast for upcoming SBS weekend drama, 'Passionate Love'

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Seohyun has joined the the line of 'acting-dols'.

On the 26th, according to drama sources, Seohyun has been cast for the role of Han Yurim, the male lead, Kang Mooyeol's, first love, upcoming SBS weekend drama, 'Passionate Love'.

Han Yurim, who Seohyun will be playing, is a popular veterinary science university student, with a smart brain, neat facial appearance, and warm heart. The male lead, who is a high school student, falls in love at first sight when he sees her, poses as a college student, and carry on dates. But she eventually remains as a star-crossed first love.

Prior, Seohyun has made a cameo appearance in the KBS 2TV sitcom her fellow members Sooyoung and Yuri starred in, 'Unstoppable Marriage', back in 2008 with her other members, but this is her first time acting in a drama.

Han Yurim, in particular, will appear in the first 4 episodes, but she is a character who influences the overall flow of the story. Seohyun has garnering attention as to whether she will be able to prove her potential as an actress through her first acting attempt in this drama.

'Passionate Love' is a human-melodrama that draws out the story of a man and woman from two families who are tangled in tragedy. The two leads are planning on showing life's emotion's through the various people around them, success, and ruins.

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