Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sunny’s wink selca and date with Yoona “Girls’ Happy Hour”

SNSD Sunny’s wink selca and date with Yoona “Girls’ Happy Hour”

Girl group SNSD member Sunny posted a photo on her instagram on August 8 with a caption “the last course of the day i had a date with yoona!!! I’m just getting around to posting it nowㅋㅋㅋㅋ it was really fun>_< he-yoong;he-yoong♥ Date w YOONG!! My sis :3”. 

The selca that was taken by Sunny and Yoona was in a restaurant as we can tell from the background. Sunny wearing a red hat and doing a wink with a bright smile and Yoona pouting her lips displaying their cuteness drawn attention to the photo. 

Netizens reacted and commented “good to see two people love”, “Sunny, I want to go out with Yoona also”, “SNSD Sunny is so cute and pretty”, and “Girls’ Generation are always pretty. Pretty even without makeups.” And “They look happy”

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Source: reviewstar.hankooki.com
Translation by YulFanatic@smtownsnsd.com (@YulFanatic) and ch0sshi for the caption

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