Monday, August 5, 2013

[TRANS and Picture] 130805 [From. YOONA] Hello^^

[TRANS and Picture] 130805 [From. YOONA] Hello^^

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안녕하세여 소원 여러분^^
소녀시대 라는 그룹으로 지내온 지.
벌써 6년째 되는 날이에요~♥
18살이던 제가 어느덧 24살이 되었고.
후배들도 많이 생기고..
여자 그룹으로서는 꽤 오랜 시간을 보내고 있는 저희인 것 같아요^^
아직도 저희 곁에서 최고라고 해주시고
처음보다는 부족한 모습이 보일 텐데도
항상 응원해주시는 분들이 있기 때문에
이렇게 6년째가 되는 지금도
멋진 소녀시대로 남을 수 있게 된 것 같습니당♥
항상 고맙습니다♥

지금은 소녀시대~!!

Hello SONEs^^
The time passed for a group called Girls' Generation.
It's already been 6 years huh~♥
The me who was 18 has somehow turned 24.
I've also gotten many hoobaes..
I think among female groups, we're the ones who have gone the longest^^
You're still by our sides saying we're the best
Even though we must be showing appearances that are lacking compared to at the start
I think because there are people who are always cheering for us,
even though it's already been 6 years,
we can still remain as the cool Girls' Generation♥
Thank you always♥

Right now it's Girls' Generation~!!

Source: Girls' Generation Official Website
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