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[Video] 130923 Yoona at Dongguk University (+ Fan Account)

[Video] 130923 SNSD Yoona at Dongguk University (+ Fan Account)

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Time: 23 September 2013, Monday, 12:00-13:30

:Noon in the ‘Samguk Yusa’ class (History lessons on Three Kingdoms of Korea’.

:Classroom of Dongguk University L302.

4th week in school, around 12.40pm, the back door of the classroom opened and someone entered. Since its a norm for students to enter the class late or to leave the class in the midst of a lesson, most of us did not pay much attention to the person who entered.

Just then, the professor who was explaining her PPT stopped talking, looked in a direction and said: “You came? Get a seat quickly.” Everyone turned….”Yoona ah!!! Oh my!!!…..” The professor spent some time trying to keep the class quiet. Yoona then walked to the back corner of the classroom and sat down.

After teaching for 20 minutes, the professor relented and ended the class 30 minutes earlier. She then asked Yoona to introduce herself in front of the class. Shy Yoona classmate was finally here.

The professor said that actually Yoona’s manager had discussed with her whether she could be absent from school but the prof suggested that Yoona should meet everyone, say hello, take some photos or autographs, have a meal together etc. Never she knew Yoona’s really here.

Yoona: ”Hello.”

Class: “Woooo.”

Yoona was shy.

Class: “Woooo.”

Yoona: “I am Yoona.”

Class: ” pretty…you’re too beautifui…sing a song for us…”

The students outside the classroom then spotted Yoona, As the front door is always opened, the students then shouted: “you’re so pretty” etc. The professor then tried to change the subject & asked the students which year are they. Then, the students (outside ones) went overboard and started to come in, they then asked to take photos. We (classmates) were annoyed that our opportunity were taken.

Yoona was surrounded by the students and then the classmates. All surrounded her to take selcas/photos. One of them who wanted to take a photo put his phone right in front of her face (less than 15cm), when Yoona turned her head and looked in the direction, she was shocked to see her face so close up on the phone. She then said “Its so close that my face became so big.” Everyone laughed.

We (classmates) were annoyed that our opportunity were taken. Not only we couldn’t take photos, we can’t even see her now. While the male classmates were hesitating, the female ones just rushed to the front, pushed the guys away and shouted for the students to leave the class. With the help of our classmates, we shouted: “Yoona’s from our class, please leave!” The professor closed the door and it went silent.

Without the students, we became gentlemen and ladies again. After a few photos, the professor asked what year was Yoona and also the reasons why Seohyun’s absent from school. Yoona said she’s Year 3 and Seohyun was unable to come because of her new drama.

The professor then allowed some classmates to ask Yoona questions.

Classmate: “Yoona unnie, what course are you in?”

Yoona: “Cultures & Arts.”

Student: “Do you have a boyfriend”

Yoona: “You are not from our class, you just sneaked in.”

After that, the fansign started. Yoona signed every single one and gave a sweet smile each time. When she started to leave, everyone started to give space for her, this shows that her beauty is so overwhelmed, we wantedt to get close to her but at the same time, we felt that she should have some space. Then the manager and the professor came and its time to leave before more people come; there’s so many students, some were even standing on tables, and I, who still have lessons, left the place happy with an autograph by Yoona.

Let me answer some questions:

1. Yoona is really pretty

2. Her skin is extremely well.

3. Absolutely not fat

4. She smells nice (I have never learn perfumery before so I don’t know what brand is it)

5. Anything, she would answer, absolutely humble

6. She speaks gently and soft


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