Tuesday, October 8, 2013

[TRANS and Picture] 131008 Seohyun Message from Official Site

[TRANS and Picture] 131008 SNSD Seohyun Message from Official Site

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여러분~열애 잘 보고 계신가요??
벌써 유림이와 이별해야 할 시간이 다가오고 있어요.. 헤어지기 싫은데!
으앙 처음이라 많이 서툴고 부족하지만 배워나갈 것들이 가득하기
때문에 더 즐겁고 설레입니다~!ㅎ 다음주도 마지막까지 응원 부탁해요!!

Everyone~ Have you been watching Passionate Love?? So fast it is time for Yurim to bid goodbye...
I do not want to be separated! Huhu~ Because it is my first time (acting), so my acting is not mature enough and somewhat lacking, but i feel that i have learnt alot, so it is even more exciting and enjoyable!~ㅎ Please cheer for us until the end for next weekends too!! See you.. everyone ^^

Source: SNSD Official Website
Translation by mystarmyangel

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