Saturday, November 23, 2013

[Picture] 131123 SNSD Taeyeon Instagram Update: 'Gift from Bumsoo Oppa'

SNSD Taeyeon Instagram Picture Update: 'Gift from Bumsoo Oppa'

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The caption of the photo:
범수오라버니께서 주신🎁 오늘 노래도하고 선물도받고 기분이 너무 따뜻해요💕 노래들으신분들도 따뜻하셨음좋겟어요^^ #김범수콘서트

Gift from Bumsoo orabeoni (formal way of saying oppa). Today, I sang and also received a gift so I'm feeling all warm inside. I hope everyone who listened to the song feels warm too^^ #KimBumSooConcert

Source: taeyeon_ss on Instagram
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