Wednesday, November 20, 2013

[Pictures] 131120 SNSD Sooyoung - ELLE Magazine December Issue Scan

SNSD Sooyoung - ELLE Magazine December Issue Scan Pictures

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Translation of the article:
My Love, My 3 Musketeers

My 3 pets, Soori, Mori, Cherry
Eldest Soori, is on who is always on the run when it’s time for food, but loves playing with its owner
Mori loves toys, the toys that I brought home are all Mori’s.
Cherry, the youngest, was abandoned at the pet hospital, n was supposed to be sent to the protection of stray center. Mom brought Cherry home and became part of the family.
The Joy the Pets brings
Them being around, is the biggest joy. When sitting with the 3 on the sofa, it’s my happiest moment…. so when i do not have a schedule, i’ll stay home. when back from overseas, the kids would welcome me home happily

Sharing is another Joy
With dad heading KRPS, I learnt more about charity and its work. The more one share, the happier one gets. Although this is being said frequently, one may not understand nor feel the meaning behind it if you have not personally done it. When little help I give brings joys to their faces, the children whom I’ve help sent me letters, I feel very happy, it’s a feeling that’s unexplainable.

To whom I want to say “I Love You”
For the sone volunteer team who does charity work on behalf of the Girl, thank you for the donations, and the long term charity work done. I had a chance to meet up with them and I could feel their warmth from their expressions. I LOVE ALL OF YOU!

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