Thursday, November 28, 2013

[Pictures] 131128 SNSD Yuri Instagram Updates

SNSD Yuri Instagram Pictures Updates

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The caption of the photo:
설레는 드라마드라마드라마드라마..요즘다시보기하느라 잠을못자♥ #top7드라마좀 꼽아봐방~ #각자

dramasdramasdramasdramas that makes my heart flutter..i can't sleep because i've been rewatching them lately♥ #PickOutSometop7Dramas~ #OnYourOwn

The caption of the photo:
네멋대로해라 #네멋폐인

Ruler of Your Own World #ROYOWgeek

The caption of the photo:
제발보고보고보고 또보세요 #박성수+인정옥 #♥

Please, watch it, watch it, watch it, and watch it again #ParkSungsoo +InJungok #♥

Sources: yulyulk on Instagram
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