Wednesday, November 6, 2013

[TRANS and Picture] 131106 SNSD Sooyoung Message from Official Website

Translation and Picture of SNSD Sooyoung Message from Official Website

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우리 소원 가운데서도 수험생 여러분들이 있겠죠..?
아까 한밤 진행 보다가 팬분들한테 수능응원하는 스타들을 보면서
우리 소원이 생각나더라구요..ㅜㅜ
진작에 준비하지 못해서 너무 미안해요...
활동하구 있었다면 직접 더 응원해 줄 수 있었을텐데ㅜㅜ

날씨가 춥죠? 내일 꼭 따듯하게 입구 가구요!♥

아까 한밤에서 가르쳐 준 노하우 보니까
쉬는 시간엔 명상을 하는 게 좋대요;)
마음가짐이 가장 중요한 것 같아요!
아궁 벌써부터 막 기특하구 자랑스럽구 그르네요???
긴장하지 말구 힘내서 잘 보구
우리 서로 좋은 소식 갖구 만납시다!!♥
힘받아라!! 뿅뿅!!

Words she's holding up:
수험생 여러분 화이팅! = All exam candidates, hwaiting!

There should be exam candidates amongst our SONE too right..?
While hosting Hanbam earlier and watching the stars cheer for their fans who are taking exams,
I thought of our SONE..ㅜㅜ
Sorry I couldn't prepare anything beforehand...
I would've been able to cheer for you in person if we had some sort of activitiesㅜㅜ

The weather is cold, right? Make sure to dress warmly tomorrow before you go [for your exam]!♥

After watching the know-hows taught on Hanbam earlier,
it's said that it's good to meditate during your resting time;)
I think your mental attitude the most important!
Aigoo, I'm already feeling so proud [of you]???
Don't be nervous, stay strong and do well
Let's meet each other bearing good news!!♥
Receive this energy!! Bbyong bbyong!!

Source: SMTOWN Official Website
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