Monday, November 4, 2013

[TRANS and Pictures] 131104 SNSD Sooyoung Message from Official Site

Translation Message and Pictures of SNSD Sooyoung from Official Site

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감동의 하루를 선물해 줘서 고맙습니다^^♥
덕분에 소시는 늘 외로울 틈이 없네요..히히
소원 덕분에 자랑스러운 타이틀 하나 더 달았어요!!
이렇게 기쁠 수가 없습니다...^^


다시 한 번
thank u so much for all your support and love^-^♥

지금은 소녀시대!!

[Korean parts]
Thank you for giving me/us this touching day as a gift^^♥
Thanks to you, Soshi never feels lonely.. hehe
Thanks to SONE, we gained another title that we can be proud of!!
I'm so unbelievably happy...^^

[Jap parts]
Also, to be together with SONEJAPAN today during such a happy time,
to be able to spend time together, I was really happy.
Everyone, thank you♥

Once again,
thank u so much for all your support and love^-^♥

Right now, it's Girls' Generation!!

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