Friday, December 27, 2013

[Pictures] 131227 SNSD Taeyeon Instagram Updates

SNSD Taeyeon Instagram Pictures Updates

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The caption of the photo:

you little rascal, you got a lot prettier since the last time i've seen you

The caption of the photo:
오랜만에 진져의 친누나를 만났어요🐶왼쪽누나,오른쪽진져! 둘이 너무 닮아서 귀여웠어 갸히히 #ginger

[We] met Ginger's biological elder sister after a long time :dog: On the left is his sister, on the right is Ginger! The two of them look so much alike so it was really cute kya-hi-hi #ginger

Source: Taeyeon_ss on Instagram
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