Monday, December 9, 2013

[REVIEW] Girls' Generation 3rd Japanese Album-Love & Peace

Happy December SONEs!
2013 is ending soon and what's better than ending it with a new Japanese album?

It's been a year since my last review and now I am back with the review of Girls' Generation's 3rd Japanese Album-Love & Peace!
Although there isn't much promotion for the album, it has still caused a hype among SONEs.

The version I purchased is the Deluxe Limited Edition that comes with a CD, a Blu-Ray, individual posters and individual badges.

The moment I got received the album, my thought was: whoa, it's like a candy box for Christmas!
Here is why:

The album
The front
 The back

Now you get what I meant by candy box.

It looks like a big box of fun, right?
It is about as big as a novel, slightly thicker.

Side View

Now let's have a look at the inside....

Going down: CD, Box with posters and badges, Lyrics Booklet
The CD
Open it....
The Discs
The other side....

Next is the Lyrics Booklet...
Pink Lyrics Booklet!
Sneak Peek(s)!
 Yuri, Taeyeon and Hyoyeon

And then is this box with the posters and badges...

The badges are cute but some of them fell off (probably during delivery), so if the sequence is different, you know why.

9 Individual Badges

The posters are folded and there are 9 of them.

Sneek Peek 2!

That's all for the packaging.
I really like the hard casing! Feels very secure.
And it feels like Christmas came earlier for me.

Moving on, it's time for the songs.
I think it brings a different feeling compared to their 1st or 2nd Japanese album.
Perhaps they tried a fancier kind of music style?
I heard many different sounds from this album.

Gossip Girls- Remember what I said about different sounds? This song sounds weird to me, not in a bad way though. It reminds me of F(x)'s style; the fancy vocals and tune.

Motorcycle- I really love Seohyun's voice in this song. And the tune is really catchy. Part-rap-part-singing of this song is really cool. Probably one of my favorite in this album. Ride on this song!

Flyers- I call this the anime OST. It feels like it gives the anime characters the energy to win the battle or competition (or something like that). My favorite part of the song is during the "Higher~" in the chorus. Such motivation!

Galaxy Supernova- Dududurududuu on the way to becoming the perfect girls in the galaxy! Taeyeon's voice in this song is awesome.

Love&Girls- The fun party song! I can imagine everybody splashing water to each other in a water park along with this song. This is the song for fun fairs!

Beep Beep- I really like the flow and the music of this song. It is also easy to follow. Hello hello moshi moshi ciao ciao busy busy! But we are never too busy to listen to their music!

My Oh My- Tiffany's voice in this song is really good. In fact, I think everybody's voice in My Oh My is really good.

Lips- This song is so sexy. It is a light song and it feels a little bit "reggae-ish" to me. And this song got "Can't stop thinking about you, This must be what crazy feels like." stuck in everyone's head. 

Do The Catwalk- Tutorial to the perfect catwalk. The singing style is really interesting. I love the falsettos, too. It gives me a feeling to look up, lift my chest and just catwalk!

Karma Butterfly- This song gives out an Usher (The American artist) feel. Like a mix-up of DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again, no?

LinguaFranca- Honestly, I think this song can fit in well the 2nd Japanese album, not that it doesn't in this album, though. Don't you think it sounds so "peace-inducing"?

Everyday Love- The ONLY ballad in this album. Which is why all of us appreciate this song so much. When I heard this song, I feel all warm, fuzzy and so loved. I even feel like hugging someone. Somehow, the beat reminds me of a Kelly Clarkson's song.

Those are my own opinion about this album. I apologize if it clashed with yours.
But this is a really good album; I love it.
This album still needs more repeats, so SONEs, please purchase this album or download it legally to support our girls!

By the way, please excuse the background of the photos, I was really excited about the album I didn't move away from my bed to get the wooden table.
That is all for the review! I hope you guys liked it.

Till the next time, probably next year's Korean comeback (Please!)?
Thank you all for reading!
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