Thursday, December 5, 2013

[TRANS and Picture] 131204 [From. YOONA] 'Fans who are very very much appreciated'

Translation and Picture 131204 [From. YOONA] 'Fans who are very very much appreciated'

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오늘 드디어 12월 9일 첫 방송되는
kbs 월화 드라마 '총리와 나' 제작발표회를 했습니다~
입구에서부터 넘쳐나는 쌀과 함께 보내주신 많은 사랑 덕분에
더 힘나서 잘 마무리 하고 온 것 같아요^^ 최고최고♡
이제 방송이 일주일도 안 남았네요ㅠ
촬영현장이 즐거운 만큼 유쾌하고 따뜻한 드라마가 될 테니..
기대 많이 해주시고 . 꼭!! 본방사수 해주세요♡ ㅋㅋ
이상. 남다정 이였습니다.

Today, I finally did the production press conference for kbs Monday-Tuesday drama 'Prime Minister and I' that will begin airing on 9th December~
Right from the entrance, it was overflowing with rice and the love sent together with it and thanks to that,
it seems like I gained strength and managed to finish [the event] well^^ The best the best♡
There's not even a week left till it airs nowㅠ
Just like how it was so fun at the filming set, this will become a pleasant and warm drama so..
please look forward to it a lot. You must!! Please tune in to the live broadcast♡ keke
That's all. This has been Nam Dajung.

*Nam Dajung is the name of her character in the new drama

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