Thursday, January 16, 2014

[Picture] 140115 SNSD Seohyun Twitter Update: 'I'll work hard!'

SNSD Seohyun Twitter Picture Update: 'I'll work hard!'

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The caption of the photo:
푸짐하고 맛있는 도시락 잘 먹었어요~♥
따듯한 후드티도 모두 좋아했어요!!ㅎ 다시 한번 정말 고마워요~~!이제 얼마 안남았네요~팬분들 덕분에 더 힘이나요!열심히할게요!^^

i ate the plentiful, and tasty lunch box well~♥ everyone liked the warm hoodies!!ㅎ once again, thank you very much~~! there isn't a lot of time left now~ i'm gaining more strength thanks to our fans! i'll work hard!^^

Source: sjhsjh0628 on twitter
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