Friday, January 17, 2014

[Picture] 140117 SNSD Sunny Twitter Update: 'A happy date with Fany and Yuri'

SNSD Sunny Twitter Picture Update: 'A happy date with Fany and Yuri'

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The caption of the photo:
맛있오!!!!!!!�� 멕시칸 폭풍 흡입 후 후식으로 쿠키 피자까지 싹싹 비워뜸.. 파니랑 유리랑 행복한 데이트!! @CoreanosKitchen ��

Delicious!!!!!!! After inhaling (eating really quickly) Mexican food, we even cleared out a cookie pizza for dessert.. A happy date with Fany and Yuri!! @CoreanosKitchen

Source: sunnyday515 on twitter
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