Friday, January 31, 2014

[Picture] 140131 SNSD Sunny Instagram Update: 'Happy New Year~!'

SNSD Sunny Instagram Picture Update: 'Happy New Year~!'

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The caption of the photo:
당신의식욕을자극한다. 나만찔수없다. 같이찌자. 야식머겅. 두번머겅. 에헤라디야~~!!!!! 새해복많이~!!! #데헷 Please help yourself. Haha!!

exciting your appetite. i won't gain weight alone. let's gain weight together. eat a late-night snack. eat it twice. eh-heh-ra-di-ya~~!!!!! (just like a sound you make when you're in a good mood) happy new year~!!! #dehet Please help yourself. Haha!!

Source: Svnnynight on Instagram
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