Sunday, February 23, 2014

'Mr Mr' Album Review - UK Exclusive

We are sure that SONEs all around the world now know all about the album accidentally being released on iTunes earlier today.  Thankfully, I was able to buy the album from iTunes before it was taken down and I've spent my morning listening to it over and over again.  12 times to be exact.

Both myself and Jessie discussed whether to post a review for the album before it's official release. We thought it would be a good idea for us to review it individually so that readers can get both of our views on the album and because we are both from different countries with different tastes, it would be a good comparison.

So representing the UK and the Western world, here is my review of Mr Mr!

When I first watched the teaser for the video to opening track 'Mr Mr', I was beyond excited by how the song sounded.  With the strong bass running throughout the clip, I am a sucker for dark synth electro pop.  The teaser is not a true representation of the song at all.  'Mr Mr' is a much more conventional synth led pop track than what I expected it to be.  It has quite a strong 80's synth influence to the song and it's not quite as energetic as I expected.  This doesn't make the song rubbish or anything, it just wasn't what I was expecting.  It didn't initially click with me but then neither did 'I Got A Boy' until I saw the video and I'm obsessed with that song!

'Goodbye' is probably my favourite song on the album.  It is like a mixture of tracks from the 2011 album 'The Boys' and the TTS album 'Twinkle'.  The girl has a great upbeat melody which is completely instant and feel good.  This is a toe tapper track and after one listen, you'll have the chorus ingrained in your head.  'Europa' is a very synth heavy Euro dance pop song hence the title.  A perfect mixture of Euro pop synths with a little bit of bass thrown in.  This will sound odd but the production of this song makes me thinks of music in dreams.  It's the only way I know how to describe it!  I wouldn't say this song is that much of a departure from the album tracks on 'I Got A Boy' but it's a lot better than anything from that album.

'Wait A Minute' continues the vintage pop sound of the album with it's strong melodies and upbeat production.  It is clear when producing this album that SM wanted an album that was very coherent.  Past albums have seen the girls try their hand at multiple genres and while eclectic sounds are always cool, I really like an album to have an overarching sound and feel.  This album completely excels for this reason and is without a doubt the strongest mini album they have released.  'Back Hug' is the ballad of the album and wins the award for the strangest name for a song ever!  Bad translation?  I might rename this song 'Cuddle' since that is probably what they mean.  I'm not a fan of ballads if they are really, really slow but 'Back Hug' is more of a mid-tempo ballad.  Think more 'Sunflower' and less 'Promise'.  The girls sound really lovely on this track and one thing that has been strong throughout this album has been harmonies.   Closing track 'Soul' is a Korea version of the girls Chinese song 'Find Your Soul'.  I don't like 'Find Your Soul' at all but I love the song in Korean.  The production is a lot cleaner and the vocal production is a lot more smooth.  It's a really strong closer to what is a brilliant album.

Obviously this album will appeal to GG fans but this album will go down with TTS only fans and really pop fans around the world.  Well done girls on another excellent release. Privacy Policy | Read the Disclaimer | Copyright © 2012-2013 SMTOWN_SNSD | About Us |