Friday, February 21, 2014

[Picture] 140220 SNSD Seohyun Twitter Update: 'Sincerely Thank You'

SNSD Seohyun Twitter Picture Update: 'Sincerely Thank You'

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The caption of the photo:
제 인생 첫 뮤지컬 해를품은달 마지막 공연을 했어요!많이 부족한 저를 항상 도와주고 응원해주며 함께 잊지못할 소중한 추억 만들어주신 해품달 가족~사랑해요♥ 그동안 서연우 사랑해주신분들! 진심으로 감사했습니다^^

I finished my last performance, my very first musical "Moon embraces the sun"! "Moon embraces the sun" family, who helped me who was always lacking, cheered me on, and made memories together I will never forget,I love you <3 Those who loved Seo Yeonwoo so far! Sincerely thank you^^

Source: sjhsjh0628 on twitter
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