Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Taeyeon and Tiffany Get Hyper on Sugar

Taeyeon has been pretty active on Instagram instantly and she has just posted another funny picture for us to enjoy!

Here we can see Tiffany and Taeyeon enjoying some Candy Floss.  Could this be from the Candy Floss Making Machine they received as a gift from fans on their Girls & Peace World Tour?  

I particularly love the 2nd photo with Taeyeon looking angry at the candy treat.   She is clearly thinking 'GET IN MY BELLY!'

Tiffany is appearing in more and more pictures on Instagram across Taeyeon, Sunny and Yuri's accounts.  She really should get her own account. Privacy Policy | Read the Disclaimer | Copyright © 2012-2013 SMTOWN_SNSD | About Us |