Thursday, February 6, 2014

YoonA shared an innocent selca while preparing for SNSD’s comeback

SNSD’s YoonA published an innocent selca while preparing for SNSD’s comeback

SNSD’s YoonA, who has finished her drama ‘Prime Minister and I’ and is preparing for a comeback with SNSD posted a selca on the official website. In said selca YoonA boasted a simple parted hairstyle which adds to her innocent look. She winks on one of the selca while flaunting her cute charm.

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She also posted with the selca “Thank you so much to the fans who have been watching ‘Prime Minister And I’ and supporting nam dajeong for 4 months. Through this drama I was able to meet really nice director, writer and also cool seniors so I’m happy.”

On ‘Prime Minister And I’ Yoona took the role of a young reporter who fell in love with the South Korean Prime Minister Kwon Yul (Lee Bum Soo) and performed enthusiastically. The drama’s final episode rating of 6.1% (Nielsen Korea) was somewhat poor, but YoonA received comments about how her acting ability has increased.

Meanwhile latest news about SNSD’s comeback, last December on the SNSD Marchen Fantasy concert, a teaser video was released, but because of a music video and choreography change, the comeback was delayed.

On the post Yoona mentioned that “SNSD is going to greet you in a new appearance so please give a lot of love.” Suggesting the comeback is not that far.

On YoonA’s innocent selca netizens gave o warm responses such as “(YoonA) was really pretty on the drama”,”SNSD, when are you going to do your comeback ?”, ”SM don’t do more ballad and finish up SNSD’s comeback”, ”why don’t YoonA get old”.

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