Friday, March 21, 2014

Is Mr Mr Heading To Japan?


Are Girls' Generation preparing to release Mr Mr as a single in Japan?

A leaked clip of the hit song has been released with the girls singing in Japanese.  The production of the song sounds the same but the vocals are noticeably higher.  It is unknown whether this is simply a demo or the finished product but it certainly sounds a little demo-ish with the vocals sounding heavily auto-tuned.

This wouldn't be the first time the girls have recorded a Japanese version shortly after it's Korean debut with the girls releasing a Japanese version of The Boys shortly after it's release in Korea.

This clip comes at a time when the girls will soon be finishing their promotions in South Korea and returning their focus back to Japan for their 3rd Japan tour in support of Love & Peace.

Love & Peace, released in December 2013 was the girls 3rd Japanese album and included the singles Love & Girls, Galaxy Supernova and My Oh My as well as promo single Beep Beep.

So what does this clip mean?  A Love & Peace repackage or the first single from the 4th Japan album?  

The girls have released a Japan Repackage before with their debut but that was more to help get the album past 1 million sales.  Subsequent Japan releases haven't sold as much as that therefore it seems likely that Mr Mr is for the 4th Japan album.

And now the big question.  Is there an English version of Mr Mr? Privacy Policy | Read the Disclaimer | Copyright © 2012-2013 SMTOWN_SNSD | About Us |