Friday, March 7, 2014

[Video] 2014 Birthday Video Project: #210 Result Show

2014 Birthday Video Project is Back!!!

IndoSoshi & SMTownSNSD present

"IndoSoshi & SMTownSNSD's Next Top Sone"

'Episode #210 - Result Show: Sooyoung' is the first result show episode of 2014's birthday video project, In conjunction with Choi Sooyoung birthday, all the members were challenged to do a photo session with 'Me & My Favorite Food' theme. The member that come in the last place will have a punishment waiting for them.

So, who's going to get it? Find it out on the link below. ;)


(The video isn't yet available for embedding, use the link above to watch the video)

Previous Episode: '#210: Sooyoung'

*We're still working on the English Subtitle for all the episodes.
Sorry for the inconvenience

Coming up next: 'Episode #309: Taeyeon'

Thank you for watching. Hope you like our video. If there's any comments, critics & suggestions, please let us know through to make a better episode next time.

Credits: Indososhi & SMTownSNSD

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