Tuesday, July 15, 2014

[TRANS & Picture] 140713 SNSD Message on SONE JAPAN

Translation of SNSD Message on SONE JAPAN 


Hello everyone in SONE JAPAN. We're Girls' Generation. 

Through "GIRLS’GENERATION~LOVE&PEACE~Japan 3rd Tour", for three months we've been able to meet everyone and have a very happy time. We'll never forget the pink oceans that everyone made, your passionate cheers, and those wonderful smiles. The ones who always make us shine are 
SONEs. Thank you very much. So that we can respond to everyone's support, we will try our best from now on, so please warmly look after us. 

This was Girls' Generation! 

Right now, it's Girls' Generation! From now on, it's Girls' Generation! Forever, Girls' Generation! 

Translation: redsunset

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