Wednesday, April 1, 2015

CatchGG Heading To Korea?!

We didn't see this coming!

According to our friends over at AllKPop, the upcoming single 'Catch Me If You Can' will be released on April 10th in both Japanese and Korean!

The girls have prepared two versions of the track, with both versions dropping on April 10th.  The single will be available to buy immediately in Korea while Japanese fans will have to wait until April 22nd.

Both countries will also get the B-Side 'Girls' but it's unclear whether this has been recorded in both Korean and Japanese.

It is not clear whether Catch Me If You Can will serve as the lead single from the girls upcoming Korean album which is slated for a May release.  It sounds like it's more of a pre-release buzz single.

Either way, it's pretty cool that SM are finally seeing sense and having dual language releases from the girls.  We have just over a week to wait until we get the new single!

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