Friday, October 9, 2015

Taeyeon Album Review


One of the best things about the K-Pop industry is that it's common for members to break away from the main group from time to time to do their own thing. It's a great way to see the different sides of our favourite idols and understand more about who they are as an artist. And while it may be common, we have yet to see a member of Asia's biggest girl group Girls' Generation go it alone. Until now.

It's been a long time coming but here we are with a debut solo album from Taeyeon, the lead singer of Girls' Generation. Taeyeon released her debut album 'I' globally yesterday (Wednesday 7th October) and it's already smashing charts and records. But is it any good? The short answer is yes. I is a pretty solid debut EP from Taeyeon, it's diverse enough to set itself apart from the group's music but familiar enough that it won't alienate existing fans. Let's make it clear, this is a pop album just with a little twist.

This is evident with the title track and lead single 'I', a beautiful mid-tempo pop/rock track that takes influences from alt rock acts like 30 Seconds To Mars & U2, and puts it a pop spin on it. The electric guitar that forms the basis of the production works wonders in giving the track an unique edge to everything else currently on the K-Pop scene. Taeyeon co-wrote the song which really personalises the song and gives the song that little singer-songwriter twist. Taeyeon's voice sounds better than ever and really suits this live band sound.

Unfortunately 'I' is the only track on the album in this genre which is a pity. Instead, we have a mixture of genres here from R&B infused pop to full on pop. 'Gemini' is a really cool laid-back R&B track that hails back to early noughties R&B while 'Stress' is full of that brilliant pop energy that K-Pop is known for. Both great songs, it just would have been nice to have more than one track like 'I'.

'You Are' and 'Farewell' are the two ballads of the album and the weak points in the album. Both lovely songs but they don't bring much to the table. You always expect a ballad like this but one would have sufficed - Farewell is the better of the two so You Are should have been replaced with something more uptempo.

'I' is a solid debut from everyone's favourite leader Taeyeon. Taeyeon sounds brilliant, she absolutely has the best voice in the K-Pop voice and it's about time she got to show that off on her own. The title track is a work of art, a truly beautiful song that deserves all the success that it's been receiving around the world. The only way from here is up and if this is the starting point, then we're certainly in for a treat when it comes to future material.

'I - The 1st Mini Album' by Taeyeon is available to buy on iTunes now.

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