Hiring !

Yes, we are hiring more staff! smtownsnsd.com is expanding incredibly fast, and to keep up with this expansion, as well as to help it along, we’re looking for dedicated individuals to fill a number of positions.
We are only taking on people who will be dedicated.

Available spot:

Writer/News Updater:
Someone who always updated with SNSD related news and can write & create articles based on SNSD latest activity (SNS Updates, event, MV, and else).

Writer/News Updater Requirements:
- Familiar with Blogger
- Dedicated 
- Able to write News/articles about SNSD (SNS Updates, event, MV, and else. All about SNSD)
- Have a good English
- Creative
- Responsible
- Willing to communicate and work with others
- Updated about SNSD

Media Uploader:
Someone who able to collect SNSD pictures/photos from SNSD latest event/concert (press,fansite,fantaken) and upload them (Using imgbox) then publish the compilation into this site.

Media Uploader Requirements:
- Familiar with Blogger
- Dedicated
- Have a great internet connection
- Know how to upload to imgbox
- Able to create a compilation of pictures from various sources
- Responsible
- Willing to communicate and work with others
- Updated about SNSD

Graphic Designer:
Someone who can create banners, headers, logos, etc. And also able to design website layout (Optional).
Graphic Designer Requirements:
- Know how to design using Photoshop and the other editing software
- Dedicated and active
- Creative Individual
- Able to meet deadlines 
- Please attach your sample artwork along with your application

Korean Translator:
Someone who able to translate SNSD related news from Korean Sites.
Korean Translator Requirements:
- Dedicated
- Able to translate from Korean to English
- Have a good English
- Updated about SNSD
- Willing to work with others - Active and ready when needed

Video Editor/Uploader
Someone who able to create and edit video and upload it to our Youtube channel. and able to upload SNSD performances, short clips and else. *Will be given the permission to manage our Youtube channel

Video Editor Requirements:
- Dedicated
- Active
- Able to create and edit video using video editor software (After Effects, Premiere, etc)
- Familiar with Youtube.
- Fast Internet connection

Someone who able to take some pictures and fancams of SNSD (Concerts or Events) and managing our projects when SNSD visits your country.

Contributor Requirements:
- Own a camera (Prefer a DSLR)
- Take pictures and videos from concerts/events. *Your pictures/videos will be tagged 'smtownsnsd.com (logo) by your name'
- Creative
- Have paypal account
- Trustworthy and responsible

If you want to be a part of smtownsnsd.com , this is your chance.You just need to fill these:

Country & Timezone:
What do you want to be here?(look at the available spot above)?:
Contact(ex. email, twitter/FB.):
Chat services (Kakaotalk,LINE,Whatsapp,etc):

After completing the application form, send it to our email: smtownsnsdgg@gmail.com

Let's join with us and spread the SOSHI love...

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